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I started to contact transsexuals that posted on Craigslist in the Casual Encounter section, hoping one might respond, but worrying at the same time about how it would go. I got several responses but most where transsexual escorts asking for a few or requesting a donations, but when I got a response from Sensuous Savannah, i was cautiously excited.
I’m sure with all heterosexual males, including myself that watch porn, we become curious whenever we see a transsexual girl, especially if she attractive. We find ourselves think about being with one, wanting to try it but ended up being either too scared or turned off, so we never pursue it. No, I don’t think I’m gay but it is a turn on to watch a tranny to the point where I find myself jerking off to the thought of being with one.

I started to become obsessed with the thought and realizing it was something I wanted to try. I decided to look on Craigslist, eventually contacting the ones I thought were attractive, and there were a lot of them. As I started contacting them, many of them turned out to be transsexual escort, telling me there was a fee or saying there was a donation. It was a little disappointing, but I started to consider paying to play, until I came across this one posting.

There wasn’t any pictures but as soon as I sent her a message, we ended up talking about getting together, even trading photos. Her pictures were a little grainy but she had a great smile and the cell phone pictures she sent me of her butt and little titties excited me.

Savannah told me she worked the front desk at a hotel on the other side of town and in another email she told me to stop by and say hi. I knew where it was but my nerves got the better of me. I was so anxious, I ended up driving by where she worked a couple times, but too scared to go inside.

I had become apprehensive, too worried about what might happened, but when Savannah emailed me and asked if I was ever going to come by. I knew she felt that I was afraid to come see her and I didn’t want to lose the chance so I messaged to ask if she was working that next Saturday.

As I waited impatiently for Savannah to respond, she eventually emailed me saying that she would be working that day until 4:30 and finished by saying, “Come on by.”

Emailing her back, I told her I’d come over around noon, and she immediate replied, “Why don’t you get a room,” and continued by saying, “Bring your swimsuit, we’ve got a great pool.”

It was set, I had to do it now or never, and so I made the decision to go. As Saturday morning came around, I packed a backpack with my swimsuit and some clean underwear, and made sure to throw in a couple condoms. I was nervous as I drove over there, questioning my decision, but continuing to go.

As I parked, I took a deep breath, got out of the car, and headed in the front door. Cautiously walking up to the front desk, I saw her. She was on the phone, but as she looked over at me, she smiled and said, “We’ll be right with you.”

She was a light skinned black girl, very feminine looking, but she was much taller than I thought she would be, especially with me being 6’2”, she was probably only four or five inches shorter.

She continued to talk on the phone as I stood there waiting to be helped, but as the other clerk asked if she could help me, I could see Savannah was listening intently.

Glancing over at Savannah, I told this other clerk, “I’m here to see her. “

The clerk smiled and then gestured over to Savannah, which made her look over at me. Smiling at me she looked over her glasses and holding up a finger mouthing, “One minute.”

The clerk now smiled and moved to help another guest. Savannah then hung up the phone, and as she moved over to where I was, she smiled and asked, “How can I help you.”

The other clerk was preoccupied with helping the another customer and when I introduced myself, Savannah smiled and sarcastically said, “Wow, I didn’t think you’d show up.”

Smiling, I sheepishly looked down at her chest. She was wearing a sheer low cut top and even though she didn’t have big boobs, she did have some cleavage. Looking back up, there was a brief pause and then Savannah asked, “Do you want to get a room?”

When I didn’t respond right away, she said,”You can hang out and I’ll come up when I’m done.”

Looking at her I thought, “Really, is this a scam,” but it did seem she was sincere.

Savannah then told me, “We’ve got a great pool, maybe go hang out there and I’ll try to come out to see you.”

She had a great smile, it was beautiful outside and I had brought my swimsuit, and so I decided to check in. As she checked me in she smiled and said, “I’ll give you the discount rate,” as she again looked over her glasses.

After running my card, she handed me a room key and said, “I’m done at four, I’ll try to come right up, okay.”

Looking at my watch and seeing it was already after one o’clock, I smiled, and reaching out my hand, I said, “Okay,” as we shook hands.

Savannah pointed down the hallway telling me where my room was and as I turned to head off she said, “See you in a little bit.”

Glancing back, I saw her talking with the other clerk and as she waved, I could see the other clerk smiling. The hotel was actually very nice, clean and we’ll keep, and as I went into my room, I casually sat on the edge of the bed, and worried about what to expect.

I had seen the pool as I drove up and eventually decided to take a swim. After changing, I headed out to the pool. There weren’t too many people there and as I settled into one of the deck chairs, I jumped in the pool. It was nice and as I swam around, Savannah happened to walk by. Seeing each other, she smiled and waved before heading back inside.

It was later in the afternoon now and as I went back to my room to take a shower. I became excited to be with her and as I sat there thinking about what to expect, I prepared myself mentally, hoping it would go well. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, “Here we go,” I though.

Clearing my throat as I stood up and heading over to the door, I became nervous again but opened the door. Savannah greet me with a smile and a hi. She too looked a little nervous but as I asked her in she said, “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

She had a small bag over her shoulder and she was carrying a couple six packs of what looked like premixed drinks. As I closed the door, she said,”It’s so glad to be off,” which made me turn.

As she sat the six packs on the dresser and tossed her bag on a chair, she said, “Sorry it took me so long, I wanted to get some alcoholic.”

Savannah was sitting on the edge of the bed and as I moved closer, she casually kicked off her shoes and then looking at me she patted the bed, suggesting I sit next to her. Smiling back, I moved over and as I sat next to her, we looked at each other for a moment. Looking down at herself she then asked, “What do you think,” referring to what I thought.

Immediately I told her that I thought she was pretty, which made her smile as she stood up. Grabbing one of the six packs, she pulled one out and handed it to me. They were vodka tonics and as we opened them and took a few drinks she looked at me and asked, “Have you ever done this before? “

Nervously, I looked at her wondering what she meant, but realizing she was referring to being with a tranny. I never had been with a tranny and it must have been obvious to her that I hadn’t, but I wasn’t about to let on. Taking another big drink I smiled and said, “Yea,” but I could tell she knew.

Savannah smiled and as she took off her glasses she leaned over and kissed me. “Are you okay,” she asked.

Not wanting to think about that I actually was kissing a guy, I closed my eyes as we kissed again. It was kind of weird and when she slipped her tongue into my mouth, I pulled back a little but quickly found myself letting my tongue explore her mouth too, as we French kissed.

Continuing to kiss, Savannah started to feel on my chest. She was a good kisser and thinking about being with her was giving me a hard on and when we happened to stop, she pulled me close and kissing my neck said, “This is nice.”

We sat there talking for a little, laughing and drinking we finished off a few more vodka tonics. It was nice, and I felt more at ease being alone with her. Suddenly, she slid off the bed and as she stood near the edge of the bed, I became a little confused, but Savannah smiled and leaning forward, we kissed. Savannah then took my hand and as I looked at her, she placed it on her one boob and squeezing it. Looking down at her chest she closed her eyes and said, “Mmmm,” as I felt on her little boob.

Savannah now reached down and after lifting my shirt over my head, she pushed me to lay on the bed. My legs were still hanging over the edge of the bed, and as she reached out and felt on my crotch, I leaned up to watch. Feeling that I had a hard on, she looked at me and immediately remarked, “Hmmm, What’s this?”

Leaning up on my elbows I smiled and as Savannah smiled back, she undid my pants. Wanting to help, I arched my back a little as she pulled them down. I instinctively grabbed my boxers so they would slip off and as she threw my pants over the chair, I was nervous as to where this was going. Savannah had me stand up now and as we kissed, I agin felt on her boobs.

She had me undo her little top now and as it lay open, I could see she had on a bra. As I looked at her, I reached up continuing to feel on her boobs. She was smiling and when I reached around and unhooked her bra, she quickly took off her top and her bra, tossing them both to the floor. Savannah put her hands on her tits now and closing her eyes I watched as she started to feel on them, pinching her nipples.

I know she is a tranny but she was so much like a girl, and as I started to undo her skirt, she open her eyes as it fall to the floor. Looking down, I could see that her cock was bulging against her panties, and as I looked back up at her face nervously, she again pushed my to lay on the bed.

As I inched up on the bed, Savannah climbed on top of me and leaning forward we kissed. I could her little titties on my chest and her hard cock pressed against me too. Savannah then slid off me to one side, and as she started to feel my cock through my boxers, I smiled at her.

Savannah took off her panties now and as I looked down I watched as she pulled on her cock. She wasn’t hard but her cock was big and it looked long too. As our eyes met, she could see my apprehension, but Savannah immediately started to pull my boxers down. I pushed them down a little, and as she took them down the rest of the way, she threw them toward the chair. Looking at each other, she then started pulling on my cock, jerking me off saying, “Nice,” as my cock got hard.

It felt good, but she soon stopped and climbed on top of me and smiled as she straddled my waist. Savannah stretched out her cock laying it on my stomach and as our eyes met, she leaned down to kiss me. As she leaned backup, I immediately reached up feeling on her tits. This made her lean back until she felt my cock pressed against her ass. Reaching back, she grabbed my cock, and as she looked at me she said, “We better put on a condom.”

I told her I had one in my pants, but as she got off the bed she reached into her bag and brought one out along with a small tube of lube. Smiling, she opened the condom and quickly rolled it down over my cock. She then flipped opened the lube and after squeezing some out on her hand, she rubbed it on my cock. Savannah then reached her hand with lube on it behind her and after smearing some in the crack of her ass, she seemed to finger her ass too.

Smiling, Savannah climbed back on top of me and after leaning down to kiss me, she reached back, took hold of my cock, and guided my cock against her tight little hole. Pushing back, she slowly let my cock slip into her. With her eyes closed she said, “Oh,” as she leaned back forth taking me all the way in.

I couldn’t believe it and as I reached putting my hands on her boobs, which made her open her eyes. She smiled at me and leaning forward to kissed me, her cock slipped out. Savannah immediately sat back up, and quickly slipping my cock back in her wet little hole.

Putting my hands back on her boobs, she looked at me smiling as she started to slowly move up and down on my cock. Savannah cock was rock hard and as I watched her move up and down, I watched as her cock bounced on my stomach. I wanted to cum and as I grabbed her hips, I helped her to move a little fast.

Savannah’s ass slapped against me as I fucked her, and when she carefully leaned forward she said, “I want you to cum in me.”

We kissed and then I tried to hurriedly move my cock in and out of her. I was close now and when I told her, “Don’t stop,” signaling to her I was going to cum, she feverishly moved up and down.

Bucking my hips up into her, I grabbed her hips trying to stop her saying, “I’m cumming.”

Savannah leaned forward and as we kissed, and she stuck her tongue in my mouth, my cock bucked inside her filling the condom with my cum. It felt so good and as I gradually had her move her up and down again, my cock accidentally slipped out. Savannah now got off me, wanting to see and seeing the condom hanging heavy with cum, she looked at me she said, “That was a lot.”

Smiling at her, I watched as she peeled the condom off me. Holding it up, she showed me and asked, “I’m guessin that felt good, huh.”

Leaning up, I kissed her and as I took the condom from her, I got off the bed to throw it in the trash. Savannah immediately said, “Come back,” and as I turned, she had rolled to her side.

Smiling at her as I climbed back in bed she asked, “What do you want to do now,” as we kissed.

I didn’t know what to say, I thought about asking her to fuck me but after another quick kiss, she laid on her back and started rubbing her cock. As I watched, Savannah said, “I wanta cum.”

Looking at her rubbing her cock I leaned toward and as we kissed she pushed me to go down on her. Not wanting to do it, I pulled up and as she looked at me, she took my hand, placing it on her cock. Savannah now had me stroking her cock and as I looked down she said, “Yea, that’s it.”

She was so big and when Savannah again pushed my head down toward her cock she said, “Put it in your mouth.”

Looking up at her nervously as she continued to jerk off she said, “You’ve never done this before, huh?”

I never had but I felt obligated to do it. Going down, I cautiously took the head of her big black cock in my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing and thought, ”She’s wants to cum in my mouth.”

Closing my eyes, I nervously held my mouth open, letting her move her cock go in and out of my mouth. I continued to be scared she was going to cum and then Savannah took hold of my head as she tried to fuck my mouth.

All I could think about was, “She’s going to cum,” but she suddenly stopped me and as her cooks slipped out of my mouth.

Looking up at her as I tried to catch my breath, Savannah said, “I wanta fuck you?”

I wanted to feel it but was nervous about it too and when I didn’t say anything, Savannah pushed me to lay on my back. As I inched up again, Savannah tucked a couple pillows under my ass, lifting me up a little.

“Oh yea, that’s it,” as she lifted up my legs, and looked at my tight little butt hole.

Savannah seemed excited and as she spread my ass and touch hole, she smiled. As she looked back up at me she said, “You’re really tight.”

Smiling back at her she again touched my hole, which made me instinctively tighten up. Savannah again looked up at me saying, “You’ve never done this before, huh.”

Smiling sheepishly, I shook my head and laying back I told her, “No, but I want to try it.”

Savannah smiled and as she dipped her finger into my tight little hole, I tried to relax, letting her finger go in. It felt good and as I looked up her, she started to intently finger my ass, obviously trying to loosen me up a little. I could see she was smiling intently and when she happened to see that my cock was getting hard, she took her finger out, reached up to feel it and looking at me she asked, Are you ready?”

It scared me, but I wanted to feel her cock in me, but worried about it too. Nodding, Savannah smiled, got off the bed, grabbed the little tube of lube off the floor, and reached into her bag again, grabbed another condom. Climbing back on the bed, she flipped it open the lube, and smiling she again squeezed to little out on her finger tips, tossing the tube up toward the head of the bed. Laying back, Savannah smeared a little lube on my hole, and pushed her fingers into me a little. Apprehensively I said to myself, “Okay, here we go.”

Savannah spread my legs and as she positioned herself, she opened the condom. I looked up and watched as she placed on the tip of her cock and rolled it down over most of the length of her thick, veiny black cock. She again fingered my ass, which felt good, and after telling me to relax, I knew she was going to put her cock me. I tried to relax and as she took her fingers out, I laid back as I felt her pushing her cock into me.

It didn’t hurt immediately and when she asked if I was okay I thought, “Yea, this is okay,” but as she pushed into more the pain suddenly hit me. I tried to pull away but Savannah put her one hand on my chest holding me down. I reached up and pushing her chest I told her to stop. Savannah pulled out a little and said, “Try to relax, let it go in.”

The hurting subsided, but when she pushed into me again, I pushed on her and asked her to stop. Savannah held me down, telling me to stop moving and as she slowly tried to move her cock in and out of me she told me to try pushing it out.

I didn’t know what she meant but as She again pushed into me, I tried to push her cock out. She was so big, and it actually helped to push. I wanted to feel it, but every time she pushed into me it hurt. I continued to try to relax pushing out, as she started to fuck me. Savannah leaned forward and as we kissed, I relax, letting her do it.

She started to forcefully fucked me, bucking her hips into me, occasionally pushing all the way in. It hurt but as she continued to fuck me, she suddenly pulled out. Raising up and I look down, i watched her quickly stripped off the condom, licked her hand, and immediately started to sloppily jerking off.

Savannah was breath and as I continued to watch, she leaned over me just as cum shot out on my stomach. Smiling as I watched her cum, she eventually knelt there letting cum dribble out on my cock. I could feel cum running down into the crack of my ass and as she squeezing the last little bit of cum out.

Laying back, I could feel her running the head of her cock through the cum that was on my cock and as she wiped some toward my hole, she carelessly pushed into me again. I immediate tried to raise up and pull away but she laid on top of me, holding me down as she started fucking me again.

Desperately trying to wiggle free, I was scared about her fucking me without a condom, but I couldn’t stop her, as she repeatedly pumped my ass. Savannah eventually stopped and as she lifted off me, peeling us apart, I looked down to see her squeezing out the last few drops of cum, wiping the head of her cock on mine.

Rolling to her side and laying next to me, she said I. An out of breath voice, “WOW, that was great.”

As we laid there for a little while not saying anything, Savannah slid off the bed and said, “Come on,” motioning me to follow her into the bathroom.

Following her toward the bathroom, I looked on as she turned on the shower. Savannah then stood up and facing me, she gave me a hugged, kissing me on the neck. Smiling, I reached up to feel on her tits and as we kissed, but Savannah turned and stepped into the shower. She took my hand leading me in with her and as we smiled at each other, and passed the soap back and forth as we soaped each other up.

Savannah lathered up my chest and stomach, eventually focusing on my cock, trying to get me hard. As I did the same, she immediately started to get hard. We were both hard now and after a brief kiss, she turned me so I was facing away. Bending me forward, she washed my crack as water showered down on my ass.

I wanted to do it again and when Savannah pressed her cock against my crack, I thought she might, but she then turned me to face her. Taking hold of both our cocks rubbing them together, I kissed her and then let go as our tongues tangled. Reaching around her, I spread her ass cheeks and touching her hole, she smiled.

As we continued to kiss, Savannah too reached her hands behind me and pushed her finger in my ass as she spread my cheeks. I felt we might do it again, but Savannah turned and shut off the water. As we got out, we ended up drying each other off, and went back over to the bed.

It was late and as we laid in bed holding each other, we kissed as Savannah laid on top of me. Eventually she rolled off me and as we laid together, we both fell asleep. I woke up when the sunlight started to peek through the gap in the curtains.

Smiling, I stretched and felt over to where I thought she would be, but she was gone. Turning to look for her, I glanced at the clock, “Where was she,” I thought, it was only about eight o’clock in the morning.

Panicking a little, I got up, but she was gone. Figuring she probably had to go to work early and had to leave and so I decided to get dressed and go down to the lobby to see if she was down there. I was excited to see her again but on my way out, I glanced in the trash can, but it was empty. “Had she taken the condoms?” I thought.

I hurriedly walked toward the front lobby, hoping to see her there but as I looked over at the front desk, she wasn’t there. I paused thinking she might come out from the back, but she didn’t and as I stood the pondering, the other front desk clerk was looking at me inquisitively.

A weird feeling came over me, almost embarrassed in a way, so I quickly turned heading out the front door. I wanted to be with her again and I tried to contact her a few days later, but she never responded to my emails. I worried about what had happened and even went by the hotel where she worked, but it seemed she was avoiding me. I started to worried that maybe she had given me an STD, but it was to late now. I never did see her again, but I have continued to think about her, wishing we could again spend time together, but for now all I can do is remember the night we spent together.
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